Help!! LE 5 and LE AI 8 not working

I have le 5 and LE AI 8 installed on my computer. A week ago I had a computer tech clean up my computer and take care of a problem with Windows notification saying my windows was not genuine. It’s a long story, but basically I have and like windows 7, windows 10 tried to upload and screwed everything up. So the tech fixed the problem, but I think he may have screwed something up having to do with the “SIO Direct X Full Duplex Setup”…I have no idea what that is, a driver? I uninstalled Le 5 and reinstalled it, but nothing has changed. LE AI 8 has the same problems. So here are the screenshots from LE 5. Can anyone tell me what to do in simple terms? I’m not tech savvy but can get by when directions are very specific. Thanks for any help in advance.


In the VST Audio System, select your Tascam ASIO as driver. Not DirectX.

If Tascam has no ASIO, install ASIO4ALL and use it.

Install the V2.05 driver for Windows.

Run setup.cmd

Thank you both for your help!! I have a hard time figuring this stuff out, but with a little direction I’m usually successful. So the Tascam 1800 was not showing up. I followed Romantique’s advice and ran the setup. I couldn’t run the setup.cmd, but found setup.exe and ran that. Success!!! I really can’t say how thankful I am for your help. Now I can start recording again.