HELP! License not found (Cubase Pro 10.5.1)

Hello all.
A few months ago I bought Cubase 10 Pro, and updated at some point at Cubase 10.5 Pro (as many people did).
I just made a new Pc (windows 10) and downloaded (through Download Center) Cubase Pro 10.5.1.
I already have a USB licencer (dongle key), but when I try to run Cubase, license is not found.
I have already tried to run elicencer app in admin mode, cubase in admin mode, and re-register the usb licencer in my account.
Nothing works… Please help!
PS. I have checked and my license is active on my Steinberg account.

Hi and welcome,

How exactly is the license named on the USB-eLicenser, please?

Without being captain obvious, but 10.5 is a paid upgrade on 10