Help: Lost Cursor in Project Window

My cursor in the project window has stopped working. The bar line only shows up WHILE THE SONG IS PLAYING. Then it disappears. I can see the bar line up on the timeline and when I jump to location markers, the bar line moves to that point. But the project screen stays static and I have to scroll manually to where the bar line jumped.

I’ve tried rebooting several times. But I still have the problem. I can’t figure out if I accidentally turned something off or not to make it behave this way. Auto Scroll is on, Snap is off. I can’t find anything in the preferences that seems to address this particular issue.

I should note that I was working on this song problem free in N7 and imported it into N8.2 to test the MIDI editing features. I thought the cursor was still too sensitive so, I brought the project back to N7. Now, I’m having trouble with the cursor.

First I lost the CR monitors when returning to N7 and now this. Any clues?

Turn off Edit Mode?

Nope. MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM NOW. The issue turned out to be F***king Microsoft doing an upgrade on my PC! :angry: I did the update yesterday BEFORE I INSTALLED 8.2 JUST TO BE SURE I WOULDN’T RUN INTO ANY PROBLEMS LIKE THIS! Everything was supposedly all set. I did an easy install of 8.2 and got to work.

As noted on the 8.2 release page, I noted that this installation knocked out my CR monitor setup for N7. I replaced it and continued to work in 8.2. I thought the cursor was still very sensitive and went back to N7 today. Then the cursor problems started. I limped through my session, saved the file and decided to TRY 8.2. It crashed upon opening. So now I know something is up with the OS. So I rebooted. THAT’S when Microsoft tells me it “finishing” its update process, grrrrrr!

Okay, all finished now? I launch 8.2 and it gives that dreaded elicense software error! I’ve got the latest version (May 2018). I ran maintenance and only 5 out of 6 tasks passed. The license that is matched to my PC is now disabled. This happened once before about a year ago. So I start the procedure to reactivate the license. I go to My Steinberg account and it won’t let me log in!! Now I’m wasting more time getting a new password just to access my account.

I get in and tell it to reactivate the license (that doesn’t require reactivation) and it tells me there’s no license to reactivate even though the disabled license number is right there in the list! Neeless to say, I am positively apoplectic right now! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

I finally solved the license problem by re-loading the elicense software from scratch. ALL OF THE OTHER INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN FROM THE elicense and SB sites were useless! N8.2 is now working as had been advertised by other users. This is better. N7 is also back to normal. You were correct about the Edit mode. The project window is back to normal. Thanks a lot. Sorry for the rant. But this kind of stuff is just infuriating, ya know?