Help! Low output to amplifier to solve

I just bought my new UR22MKii device to make music at home. The device works fine for now (just plugged it and checked quickly), however I experienced a problem that I couldn’t solve nor for which I could find answers.
I would like to connect the UR22 to my home amplifier, a Yamaha RN402d. I took the line out and plugged to the amplifier’s Line in. I tried different line ins but the problem is the same: the signal is EXTREMELY low, like at maximum volume you hear just barely fine… surely there must be some details I mistook but how can I connect properly? Has anyone done that? I’d like to avoid buying additional active monitors… for now at least :wink:


You’ll need to troubleshoot the connections and see where it’s going away. Here are a few suggestions -

  • You say you can hear something but it’s low. I assume the device is therefore working.
  • Is the Output knob up?
  • What kind of cables are you using? The device has either pseudo-balanced or TRS unbalanced outputs and should have more than enough level to drive a home receiver’s unbalanced inputs.
  • Unplug the device, keep the cables plugged into the amp, and touch the cable ends. You should be able to hear an unpleasant hum/pop when you touch the cable’s tip.
  • Try another audio source into the amp’s inputs using those cables.
  • Plug the device back into itself to see if you have reasonable output, careful it may feed back. Set the inputs for as close to line level as you can since that’s the output reference (sort of).

That’s a start, basis here is see whether the output is bad (not likely), the cables are funky or not wired for what you’re doing, or the amp has issues or is set up incorrectly in the (too many) amplifier mode/options available.

Good luck,