Help..Major Cubase 12 Monitoring Problem

I was working on a session and suddenly all audio stopped.
Tried everything, global mutes, etc, even restarting the Mac.
No Cubase session now will play audio. It’s as if the stereo mix out is not connected, but it is.

I use Control Room, so normally my outputs in the regular section are set to NONE. But if I do choose the regular monitor outputs in that section, I can hear sound. But not if I set it to NONE and have the CR set to the monitor outputs. See attached. I’m just wondering what dumb thing I am doing, have never seen this before and have mixes to do…


Any ideas appreciated. Again, it is not session specific, no Cubase session is playing, Using a UAD Apollo. Thanks.

Maybe an Insert in the Control Room? When you are playing back without hearing stuff does the Meter in CR show activity. Can you post some screen shots of the Control Room and its various Tabs?

Everything onscreen is normal…plug ins showing levels etc, it’s as if you have your headphones unplugged are just looking at the screen. Crazy. Basically, the output section is not passing the stereo mix on to the CR. Normal output works fine…

Looking at your screenshot, it seems your “Main” section is deactivated.


That’s what it was!
Trying to figure out how it became deactivated, since I was using Mixconsole at the time I lost audio. I don’t know if there is a key command to deactivate that I might have hit by accident? Anyway thanks much!