Help me create a certain macro


Trying to work out what commands i need to be using to make this macro

I have 300+ audio channels each with 1 second of audio.

Id like to be able to preview one at a time by using 1 button only?

So if you’re saying exactly 1 audio event per track, it’s very basic:

You manually select the top track, then invoke the macro.


Navigate: right
Transport: locators to selection
Transport: play selection range
Navigate: left
Navigate: down

Hi!! Thanks for this its almost working but not quite.

My 300+ audios play at exactly the same time so i need to solo each channel etc otherwise they will all play at once.

Queue them up in windows media player? Select all, enter, boom!

No need for a macro if you set it up correctly.

First of all i am simultaneously editing 300 audio files (cubase seems to crash on anything above) which have to be verfied incase theres slight edits. Im finding it hard soloing each one without a few awkward movements - I have over 13,000 files to verify so looking for the quickest way possible to solo each one with 1 click.

“Activate solo on selected tracks” in preferences…!?

What about Shift + click on ‘S’?

nope still not happening. consecutive previews per channel of each 300 by clicking one button.

I just actually tried it, and it’s even simpler than I thought.

-Track selection Follows Event Selection, and Enable Solo on Selected track must be activated

-Select the first clip you want to play and play it. With that clip still selected run macro

nav: left
nav: down
nav: right
transport: play selection range

Works a treat.

No need for all that non-sense. Answer for one button preview has already been given.