Help me I'm new to Pro 8

Greetings and thank you to anyone who can help my poor soul,
I cannot get Cubase Pro 8 to play any sound back. I can hear tracks while recording them because I have direct monitoring. I records to sounds just fine or atleast it seems to as I can see the resulting waveforms clearly. I get sound out from the vst instruments well enough, as I have no problem recording MIDI. BUT playback for mixxing or listening = I get nothing. I even see the meter levels moving like it recognizes the sound. I’ve tried going into Devices/ vst connections/ then activating ASIO output busses then routing track outputs to through different busses, still nothing. Please help?
Oh and here is the set up I’m using:
Windows 7 pro
Intel iCore 7
E-Mu 1820m pci audio & midi interface (with updated drivers)
Cubase Pro 8 (with latest Updates)
*Also please note that Reaper (DAW) works just fine for recording and play back. ( but I bought Cubase because I love the features and I’ve been using Cubase vst5 on my old pentium 3 computer for 15 years now and loved it until welll… ya know fellers gotta get with the times and all.)
So here I am reaching out to you benevolent samaritans… help me I’m probably missing something obvious?

Confirm that, after you have recorded your audio, you are turning off the Montor button and Record Arm button for that track while playing back the recorded audio?

Hi tony void,

I would agree with jaslan. It probably is the track pb/monitor butten that confuses you.
If it is checked (1) it is in “Monitor” mode - now you hear the channel input from your interface including all the effects in the channel slot. You should also see the level when you feed some audio in to the input.
If it is unchecked (2) it is in playback mode - now you hear the recorded track (and no longer the input of your interface).
You can change the behaviour of this in the preferences.
Open Preferences and go to VST. There you will see a feature “Auto Monitoring”. The small arrow opens a drop down menu that will give you four options. Check out which one is working best for you.

BR - Zibin

Thank you all that helped! I also realized that my audio interface was configured incorrectly too. got that fixed! Sorry for such a goofy noob question :stuck_out_tongue: I did actually read the operations manual but that monitoring button just didn’t click in my brain well enough I guess. Coming from the old pre SX vst 5 version of Cubase is like coming from a completely different DAW altogether… but certainly for the better!!