So i bought cubase elements 8 about 6 months ago.directly from here… my laptop decided to update itself to windows 10 and now im locked out of cubase. its asking me for my activation code. that would be fine but now i dont have it and when i try to log into to retrieve it from my account its telling me my account doesnt exist…
what am i supposed to do? ive tried the support section on here and it just says ask the forums. i paid for it, bought it now i cant use it because of the stupid windows 10 update.
is there any way i can retrieve this. i dont want to have to to buy it again and now im worried because steinberg has erased or lost my account and they must have details because i used my bank card to buy it. where is my info? where has my account gone!? whats happened to my details!?
can they do an ip trace or anything, or if i provided details can the check their system to look for my information, the software must be registered to my address and postcode to.

please help!!!

Did you definitely set up a MySteinberg account…I trhink it may be possible to activate Cubase without an account so it is possible.
If you’re not sure you could try to create a new MySteinberg account with the same email and if it does exist it should tell you.

Once you are in to either your old or a newly created account follow the indstruction here to reactivate:

After the Windows 10 'Anniversary Update" I had to reinstall the eLicenser. After reinstalling this my softlicenser and USB keys started working again.

You can find it here:

Do double check as advised above that you’ve created a mysteinberg account and ‘registered’ your Cubase key(s).