Help me Please

Hello Everybody,

I am new at recording with Cubase. I have bought Cubase 8.5. But Cubase does not detect my microphone.
I hope somebody can help me. These are the things I use:

Rode NT1 A (studio microphone)

Devine MPS 500 phantom feeding Condensator-to-PC

Thanks in advance

Cubase does not detect your microphone, it detects “audio interfaces” that come with ASIO drivers, since your Computer onboard soundchip probably does not have those, you should try ASIO4All, or even better buy a decent audio interface.

I have allready tried ASIO4All.
Can you give me an example of what I should buy?
What are the audio requirements for CuBase?

By the way, I also installed it on my new laptop, which has a good processor.

It’s the HP Omen:
Audio System: Built-in audio chip
Audio interface: headphone / microphone combo interface
Speaker: BeatsAudio 2 speakers

Is it possible to work on this?

Buying a real audio interface instead of the Devine would have made life much easier…I would still absolutely recommend that you do this for any serious recording. You want something that has a mic preamp, an ASIO driver and preferably direct monitoring (nearly all of them do)

If you search any music shop or amazon or ebay for audio interfaces you’ll see there are many options. If you give a budget then people can recommend some OK options to suit you.

But if you want to try and get this setup running in some fashion:

Choose ASIO4all as your Cubase driver in device setup
ASIO4all should appear in your sytem tray
open it and make sure there is an input listed and see what it is called
Open VST connections and on the input tab see if any stereo bus exists…if one does try to assign the computer input you found in ASIO4all to this bus
Now select that bus as an input to a stereo track and enable record and hopefully you may get some meter movement if you speak into the mic. You can also enable monitor on the track but a) it may be significantly delayed to your voice and b) you should only use headphones for this as the mic and speakers may feed back.

You want to buy an audio interface and plug your microphone into that. A basic AI that has one microphone input and one instrument input (for electric guitars etc) will cost around $100. Example Focusrite Scarlet:

You can go up from ther depending on your requirements, what you are going to want to record.