Help me quickly separate voices in a staff that is mixed intervals and voices

I regularly need to explode a hymn into parts. In the same hymn staff, I may find:

  • some measures of upstem voice 1 with upstem voice 2
  • some measures of upstem voice 1 mixed with downstem voice 1
  • and one voice written as 2-note chords.

Do to the above, a one-size-fits-all approach to selecting doesn’t work. It often turns into a multi-step procedure for me, sometimes involving the filter select/deselect only, and I always wind up back-tracking etc. before straightening it out. What should be a 30 sec task takes me 10 minutes.

I’d love a filter, in addition to “filter top voice and single notes” that was “filter top note only at each note position (according to the rhythmic grid) on the staff, no matter the voice”

Regardless, I’m not currently applying Dorico’s selection/editing functions to their most efficient use. Any ideas?
thanks in advance!

Hi @kt-va can you share a bar or two with the messed up voices (dorico file) and (if not evident) which result you need? So we can try different strategies and maybe find a faster way.

I’d love this as well. Perhaps a candidate for a script. At present it’s a royal pain.

NB: I’m not complaining about Dorico… it’s a niche function, just not niche for me.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Here’s a test project with a typical starting point and the desired result.
All Creatures test project.dorico (620.9 KB)

I @kt-va meanwile we wait to a new filter functionality, I made a short video (less than 2 minutes) of how I try to make the process faster, using one voice per staff. Is not ideal but maybe saves a little time…?
(if this is too amateurish, please ignore it :slight_smile: )
Only when a unison with ties is involved , a little care in selecting the right voice should be taken (and sorry for my bad English):

As an alternative to @Christian_R’s method.

(It is more reliable to do one stave at a time, but with care you could do both staves together, though sometimes the filter gets confused about voices. Everything is done using the right-click context menu, or shortcuts if you have set them up)

  1. Select Piano 1 Stave and Filter Select >notes and Chords (to exclude the lyrics)
  2. Filter Select upstem voice 1
    (change to filter deselect)
  3. Filter Deselect notes in chords>top or single notes
  4. Voices> change voice> downstem voice 1

Repeat for Stave 2…

Select both staves (Filter Notes and Chords). Copy.
Select all target staves. Paste Special>Explode.

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If this is then something that you will do very often, add a “Start Recording Macro” before step 1 and “Stop Recording Macro” after step 4, give it a name and it will be available in the Jump Bar as well!

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@Janus Your solution is much more elegant! Thank you!

I’m sure a macro could help. Often, though, I find situations have subtle differences, particularly when dealing with xml imports.

Of course, but I am sure you can find situations that repeat themselves over and over. If you take note of the patterns when they occur, you may then want to record macros for just those, one at a time.
You will soon find yourself with a rich library of macros that will save you a ton of time!

This really helps, thanks