Help me speed up my workflow

I was wondering if anyone can think of any faster processes i can use for the following work im doing

I am given around 30 slices of audio as wav files

i import them to cubase onto one track because they are slices relevant to the same overall audio file (its just cut up into slices because its designated for software once complete)

i am then given an almost identical audio file which is a 1 full file that i import to a second track and i have to cut it up to match the slices or the other track.

so basically im having to zoom in and out at manually to slice these up which is abit of a nightmare and takes ages

im wondering is there anywhere i can get the info (track data?) of each slice and enter it somewhere to make these cuts without me manually zooming in and out to make this process faster?


Why not just duplacate the track with the slices? You say almost the same, how’s it different?


lol are you for real? The languages are different.

Activate Shuffle Mode
Select all except the first part
drag to left.
(all parts contiguous now)

Select the first part
Then perform these commands:
Locate Selection End
Split at cursor
Navigate right
Locate Selection End
Split at cursor
Navigate right

Ad infinitum or until you have sliced all you need to slice.

I think you can make a macro to do it, or if you have a Quickeys type app a macro in that.

Oh, I left out a part…

Before you do this make a copy of the original track, which you won’t will need afterwards.

To get the space between the slices for the new track use a similar method, use the command Move to Cursor.

Steve thank you very much for this, really appreciated!!

You’re welcome!