Help-me to Buy a Reference Monitor.

Guys. I am setting up a mini studio in my house. I know not produce well, but I’m studying for it. I need yours help to decide which reference monitor I buy.
As I do not have much understanding yet, I prefer to see some opinions.

I will quote to yours what I already have, what I intend to start producing, and the monitors which I already have in mind, and tell me what yours like best and think will be most useful to me. Okay?

I’ve heard people say good things the following monitors: Yamaha HS8 and Mackie MR5 Mk3. I have money to buy one of these two, and even sells in my country.

But I’ve been seeing the Mackie HR 824Mk2 and think it is better, but this need to collect more money and import from another country, if worth the sacrifice, I try to buy.

If have any that is better for my needs, I need yours talk to me.

I intend to produce something with low frequencies heavy and clear. I want low frequencies strong and handsome rsrsrsrs.

I’ll put two songs here if yours need to hear what I want to produce.
Hopefully not criticize me for what I intend to produce rsrsrs.

I already have Cubase 7.5; HALion 5; CMC-QC and CMC-CH; Audio Interface Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6; Yamaha PSR-420 that I use as Midi; and lack the pair of monitor.

I need help from yours to choose which monitor to buy. Thanks for the help guys.
And sorry my english. Not my native language.

I think you should hold off buying any reference monitors until you’ve made a little more headway with your studies.

This statement alone shows you’re not understanding what “reference” monitors are, and what you should be trying to achieve. I fear that at this point you will choose monitors that simply aggrandize your goals - as opposed to ones that will tell you what you need to know. Reference monitors should be as close to flat response across the spectrum as possible, and therefore very unflattering. Also in this regard, the acoustics of your room and listening position are going to make a profound impact, and will have to be dealt with.
So again, wait, don’t rush into buying something until you know what and why you need it.

Yes, I know very little yet in the world of music production. So much doubt when deciding which monitor to buy.
But I know that there are good quality monitors, some with more, others less.

I saw some videos of comparisons of monitors, some with a sound that did not please me (Ex.KRK Rokit 8), but others are very goods and similar sounds, where what changes are the graphics. I can not read those graphics : (

The room is almost ready, I have a friend who understands best acoustics. But he said he will not give opinion on the monitors because he likes to rock, and said that what may be good for him, can be bad for me.

Aloha v,

IMHO when it comes to monitors,
go Genelec
and you will never have to discuss/think/talk/ask about this issue again.


It is worth spending some money on good monitors. And btw I don’t like genelecs, but that is just my preferences, and they are among the best. You have to listen different speakers to find out what you like. I love my Neumanns but they are not for everyone. Forget about data specs, they don’t tell you how a speaker sounds, you actually have to use your ears.

My opinion is that if you’re starting out any of the models mentioned here will be great for you. Just buy a set you can afford and take the plunge. If you continue your studies and eventually become a pro, you will be spending a bunch of money in any case. Don’t sweat this.

Tannoy Reveals.

Reference monitors need to be your ‘friend’, not your ‘good time buddy’. That is, they need to tell you like it is, not what you want to hear!

If you have access to other speakers that represent other listening situations (car, loungeroom, earphones), use those to audition mixes. Eventually, you will know how they will sound on those other system by how they sound on the reference monitors.

Another set of excellent reference tools.

Steve’s post ‘hit the nail on the head’.

My opinion is that if you’re starting out any of the models mentioned here will be great for you. Just buy a set you can afford and take the plunge. If you continue your studies and eventually become a pro, you will be spending a bunch of money in any case. Don’t sweat this.


I started on the Tannoy Reveals. I actually still have them. They translate pretty good for what they are.

Glad to have this aid, I researching these monitors here in Brazil. I hope find them for tests. Here’s kinda hard to find certain things.

Unfortunately I could not test the monitors said here. Here in my town and in the regions just found monitors: Behringer, M-Audio, Pioneer, KRK and Edifier.

I wanted something of better quality, and think I can only bring to order at no additional cost, Yamaha HS8 or Mackie MR5 MK3.

If anyone has seen the quality of the two, could you tell me what would you prefer?

I think the Mackie MR5 is a monitor of 5, less than the Yamaha which is 8. Monitors 5 inch works perfectly in the not so small environment?

Vinicius, I am from Brazil too. Where exactly do you live? Can you go to São Paulo to test some monitors? I think that Quanta music is a good place to try:

Feel free to send me an PM if you need some help.

Ohhh, that’s nice to have an almost countryman. Nem sei se é bom falar em português aqui rsrrsrs.

Makumbaria, I live in Belo Horizonte - MG, is not far, but studying and working, everything is more difficult. Here in BH is difficult to find good quality monitors. You work in this shop?

Vinícius, I am not a salesman from Quanta! :laughing: I am just a customer.

I live in Juiz de Fora (so it is easy to shop in Rio, but São Paulo is far better for audio). Send me a PM if you want to talk about that in portuguese.

Tannoy Reveals+1

I have been using them for years, surround.

Trouble I have is even when I sample higher end gear, I don’t think that the extra £300UK for each speaker is going to achieve a significant improvement, the Tannoys are fine really.
I have Surround 5.1 going on here, and use passive speakers through a good amp.

I am happy.

you have to pay a lot to improve on Tannoy’s to any important degree…

They are heavy, well made sizeable monitors, mount them head height and point them at your ears - bear in mind when you mix, you are in a sweet spot when you mix. Phil Spector and many others, used to listen to the mix on some cheap crappy speakers too to see how it translates for users that don’t sit in your studio



For studios, Tannoy only has 4, 5 and 8" Reveals, and no surround any more. They only make subwoofers for commercial installations, or as part of a home system.

They are now part of the TC Group, though I don’t know for how long, but they seem to have done a lot of product rationalisation over the last few years.