Help me to purchase the right choice

Guys, this is my first purchase of a Cubase, and I want to have a full Cubase 7. I’m thinking of buying this package. It is a good choice?

Another question. I want to buy a Dongle (Steinberg key) that serves as Cubase, Halion and future plugins to let her reservation, because in my country of origin does not sell.

To serve all these softwares I can buy a one Dongley or have to buy one for each thing?

Any Dongley I find to sell works ? Or to be able to use the software + plugins on a flash drive only has to be model specific?

Thank you all and forgive me if I failed my English.

Vinícius P. Miranda

Hi Vinícius,

I for my part can very much recommend Cubase. Before I bought it, I had asked around and many of my friends told me that it is too complicated. But since I use Yamaha devices, I figured I’ll give it a try anyways and I am very happy with it. It takes a little while to get the hang of it - but it is definitely worth it.

As for the dongle: I am no licensing expert, but I believe you will need to buy 1 dongle from Steinberg and after that you can load/register several Steinberg software packages on that stick. I also believe that this is a special stick where you can’t just use any other flash drive - but maybe I am wrong. I just bought mine from Steinberg and it has been working for a long time without any problems.

Cheers, Roland

Yes, you can put all of your licenses onto one dongle, but as far as I know you can’t use it as a flash drive.

One thing to note about the deal is that HALion 5 has now been released, so you could ask them if you could get a free upgrade from HALion 4 to HALion5

Cubase 7 plus HALion 4 or 5 is an unbeatable combination, so good luck.


Yes, you should get HALion 5 through the grace period update the same way you get Cubase 7.

Also, it’s a full version (not an update/upgrade) so I believe it should include the USB-eLicenser (dongle). It’s not a bad idea to have a spare, though.

My English is very bad. So expressed myself badly. What I wanted to ask is if I can put all the licenses in a single dongle. Or if would have to buy one dongle for each license.

Thanks all for helping me. I’ll buy the package today.

And we will study a lot of music. Rsrsrsrsrs

I’m happy to get the money to buy Cubase. In my country is very expensive. Brazil…

Ahh. I forgot to ask you something.
I’ll buy the package and send it to an aunt who lives in the U.S., and she’ll send me to Brazil. But come here only in December.

If she opens the boxes and pass me the serial, can activate the serial steinberg on my account now, or do I have to wait to get the dongle to activate ?

Hola Vinícius,

No worries about the English part - you’re doing fine and I can understand you well :smiley:

If I remember correctly - you will need the dongle to activate it. Folks please correct me if I am wrong :unamused:

How about this idea: To start today - just use an evaluation version for the time being and then ask your aunt to maybe send the dongle ahead of time in a padded envelope so you have it before December. Just a thought.

Cheers, Roland

Yes, all your licenses can be stored on the same dongle (as long as the software is e-Licenser compatible). For example, iLok licensed software will not work with the e-Licenser.

Yes, you should be able to do that if you can purchase another USB-eLicenser. The licenses must be downloaded to a USB-eLicenser in order for the software to function.

However, you still need to install the software.

The full Cubase installer can be found here …

For HALion 5, I’m not sure if the grace period download will be a full installation. It might require content from HALion 4. I’m not 100% sure on that one.

The grace period information can be found here …

For the grace period you need to have your USB-eLicenser number, found in the eLCC application. Also, you will need to have your eligible licenses on that USB-eLicenser.

Oh, don’t worry about your English. You speak it better than many native English speakers :wink: .

Just to be clear on this point, you DO need a USB-eLicenser to run the trial version of Cubase 7.

I did the following. How not want to give my aunt more work I’ll buy this Dongley they send to Brazil. Should come with one months.

It will work correctly?

I’m thinking of buying a audio card and wanted to wait for Black Friday, my aunt would take advantage to bring in December. It should be cheaper.

What do yours think of Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 ?

Note I will only use with VSTs

And after all this shopping. Just money rsrsrrsrs…

Yes, that is the dongle you need. Just make sure it is in new/unregistered condition.

After you receive your dongle, install the latest eLCC found here …

You can then download the Cubase 6 / HALion 4 licenses to that dongle by entering the activation codes supplied with your package which will make you eligible for the grace period to Cubase 7 / HALion 5.

Sorry, I can’t help you with that one.