help me understand ControlRoom vs MainMix Ports

I need help in understanding.
First of all I never used the Control Room at all.
I just defined my BUS “Stereo Out 1+2” (=Analog 1/2 of my Interface) as my MAIN MIX.
All good until I did not hear previews in the MEDIA BAY. I noticed that if I turn on CONTROL ROOM and assighn my Speakers to Analog 1/2 of my Interface, I suddenly could hear sound.
But Now my ANALOG 1/2 interface is stolen from my BUS Setup.
In my BUS setup I defined Stereo, 5.1 and so on. I feel I need to somehow split my interface ANALOG OUT 1/2 so I can use these ports in my BUS setup AND Control Room.

I’d appreciate if someone could explain it to me.

Control Room is great, it enables the listen function, allows switching between monitors etc.

The simplified explanation of settings is: in VST connections set all your outputs to ‘not connected’, in the Control Room tab create ‘Monitors’ (up to 4 in any channel configuration). There you connect the physical outputs of your UCX (instead of doing so in the Output tab).

You’ll find all the monitors in the control room mixer now, can switch between, insert plugins (room correction, safety limiters etc.) there.

Additional stuff like Talkback, Cue Mixes also work just with the Control Room. Here’s the most detailed youtube playlist I know about on the topic:
It’s old (Cubase 6.5) but still useful. Just don’t worry about everything looking different :sunglasses: There are plenty more modern tutorials out there but they might not be as comprehensive (sorry, didn’t watch them myself…).

Based on Cubase 8.5.

so 5.1 does work as well?
Thanks for the tip!