Help me: VST Live importing song at wrong speed

hello i just downloaded and am getting started, but when i import my song it plays at like double the speed? i’ve tried changing the bpm in setlist>song>bpm but it doesn’t change the audio file itself just the project.

also i had to convert my wav file to wav again cause it said the file was not supported that was also weird oki thanks <3

hi Gnerk, do you have a short audio file of the kind you are using? No file ending with .wav has failed on us so far. Where are those files from?
Other than that, the first thing that comes to mind is the sample rate. VST Live provides automatic sample rate conversion, but maybe the rate is wrong in your files, or VST Live doesn’t detect it right. Try a different sample rate with your audio interface, does that change anything?
If not, pls. let us know more about your system, Mac or PC, audio interface etc.

… and please do not forget that VL does not support any time-stretching. It sounds that a Cubase project was imported? Maybe the audio files in Cubase are running with time-stretching?

See you,

maybe it’s cause the wav. is mastered and downloaded from eMastered but the file is a regular .wav file, it was no problem when i converted it into .wav a second time tho.

anyway, i tried using another audio interface (i used airpods when i wrote the post), and now there is no tempo problems with the track. i see now that apple airpods changed the buffer size to 64 with the max option being 256 which is probably why the song sounded so nasty.

thanks <333