Help me with default installation of VST3 ?

Guys, I searched the forums both in the area VST as in Cubase area but could not find an answer to my doubts, so I’m opening a topic.

I have the main HD a SSD 120gb ( C: ), and a secondary HD 3tb ( D: ) to save the Cubase, Plugins and Projects.
Whenever I install a VST3 plugin it is installed directly on the hd SSD ( C: ).

Is there any way to set it to install the VST standard on a sub folder within the secondary HD ( D: )?

My SSD HD is almost full :astonished:

Windows 8.1 64 bit - Cubase 7.5 64 Bit.


Vinícius P. Miranda.

VST3 plug-ins are barely 5-20MB each… if anything is filling up your SSD, it’s not them.

Trying moving your Windows temp folders and desktop to another disk. That’s usually where a lot of bloat occurs over time.

Larger SSD? :smiley:

When I bought 256 gb SSD’s for my systems, most of the people I work with thought it was excessive. But I knew that this wasn’t wasted money… I would have gone for 512, if it wasn’t ridiculously expensive.

Remember one of the last amendments to Murphy’s Law: “No matter how big your hard drive is, you will always have only 10 gb of unused space on it.” :wink:

Seriously, I agree with Plasuma, VST3’s aren’t your problem. Also remember that many applications you have use a scratch drive, and by default it’s c: That is also something you can change.

I did not know which occupied so little space.

I’ll leave it as is.

Thanks for the help guys.