Help me with my MIDI settings please, STUDIO MIDI PORT SETUP CMC-PD Pad Arturia Stuff

Here is my MIDI PORT SETUP screen capture:

I have a Fireface400 (not using MIDI there at all so it was a no brainer to just remove ALL check boxes for it)
Arturia Minilab MKII usb
Arturia Keystep32 usb
Steinberg CMC-PD pad usb

None of these generate any tones so I must assume I do not need any MIDI OUT activated at all, right? That would only be for a sound module or something that needs MIDI coming into it to generate sound? I dont think any of my midi controllers need midi going INTO them?

Why does the Steinberg pad unit have THREE entries, 1 2 and 3?

What should IN ALL MIDI be set to based on my screen cap? Thank you to all wizards, in advance.


I don’t have a PD, but do have an AI and a QC. Mine is set to the defaults and my QC in MIDI Port Setup looks the same as for your PD. Which makes sense as they are both designed to send MIDI data to a Track(s). It also has 3 different MIDI Ports that I’ve never understood why. Asked years ago and didn’t get an answer. If anyone sees this and understands how the CMC series ports are setup, please chime in.

Don’t assume that because something isn’t talking to a sound module that it isn’t using its MIDI Out. MIDI started off like that but turned out to be a decent general purpose control protocol. The MIDI Out to the PD could well be used to control the PD itself.

Generally I’d leave controllers setup like the installer left it - unless you have a good reason to change it like with the FF400.

Including a Port in All MIDI is more a matter of personal preference & convenience than right or wrong. Any Input you put there is something that you want to be generally available to any MIDI/Instrument Track without having to specifically select that input.

Thanks! I would certainly like to know why the CMC-PD device has 3 separate entries. I looked everywhere and also do not see an explanation. Perhaps someone from Steinberg can chime in?