Help! MGate-Multi from Mogwai Audio Tools (describes as a free free VST3) wont work on Cubase, why?

I installed this plug-in as it was free and I really needed a multiband gate, it was advertized as VST3 but Cubase AI reads it as a VST2 plug in and imediately black lists it, did anyone else have this problem? How can I solve it?

These are the installation prosses pictures, its really weird that it does’t give me a folder to select.

The plugin you’re talking about is not in that list.

Oh noo hahaha, ah that was dumb but either way it seems like it doesn’t download then…


In any case the place to ask your quesiton about that product is

What I mean is, the plugin installer doesn’t give me a file destination browser to choose where I want to extract it to (I new file managment and computers so bare with me if I use the wrong terminology). So basically I think it s not extracting the file ( I guess that’s the right term).

Nevermind Im probably getting confused, I apreiate the help though.

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Because it’s VST3, according to your screenshot.

Path for installing VST3 plugins is fixed and cannot be changed. That’s why it doesn’t let you choose where you want to install it.