Help! MI4 Driver needed for Win8(64)

Hello, I think this is my first post here. I’ve got an MI4 that came with Cubase System 4. I’ve hardly been able to use it, which is a shame because it wasn’t cheap. Every computer I’ve had over the years has had some difficulty accepting the software or the protection device and so on, though I did finally get my last computer to accept it. Sadly, I couldn’t put that computer near enough to my keyboard. This time I have a PC running Windows 8 (64 bit) and during the installation I’m informed that there is no MI4 driver (on the CD presumably) for my computer. Looking on the Steinberg web site I see that there are drivers up to windows XP and Vista. Do I have to throw my interface away?

There is a second issue. Seems I can’t get technical support if I don’t know my licence details. Is it possible that my licence has ended? When I try open the software to check my licence details I am stopped by a message complaining that there is no protection device connected. But it is connected. All I want to do is use my MI4 to record simple MIDI files, preferably with other software, because Cubase is too complicated for my application. But I’m just going round in circles. I paid the money and I’ve got nothing to show for it.

Your license should still be valid. Download the latest version of the eLCC application and try again. I’m assuming you have a USB dongle with the license on it?