HELP! Midi Keyboard Issue

Hi, I am very new to cubase but have a few friends who have helped me with my teething issues so far. However, none of them have experienced or even heard of my current issue.

When I try to use my keyboard for midi input, it works for a few seconds then the sound cuts out altogether. The inout is being registered, just no sound. If I record, the input registers on cubase, but with no sound. The only way I can get any sound (and only sometimes) is if I hold down the E key. This is the only key which works on its own, and if I hold it down all of the other keys work. Obviously this is not ideal for composing.

I have Cubase LE 6 on an AsusX401A laptop with 4GB RAM running Windows 7. The keyboard is an Edirol PCR M30.

Does anyone know what is going on?

It sounds like the keyboard keys are assigned to something else. Open the generic remote page in Cubase and delete everything in there. (unless you’re sure it’s something you want obviously.)