*Help* MIDI latency issue

Why, hello,

I am attempting to run the MIDI out on my Yamaha DTXplorer, to the MIDI in on my Tascam US-1641. The Tascam is hooked up to the USB on my laptop (I use Cubase LE4). When doing this, I am experiencing a latency issue, which makes recording super difficult. Any suggestions?

**I plan on purchasing EZDrummer soon, and would like to correct this issue before doing so (currently I’m using the microsoft wave table synth sounds)

Thank you :slight_smile:

MS Wavetable is for Windows to playback MIDI files, not for use in Cubase. I’s the problem as it has over 50ms of latency. You need to use an Instrument Track with Halion loaded on it. I’d get Addictive Drums, were I you.

+1 for Nate

The latency on MS Wavetable is terrible. VST Instruments are the solution.

Thank you so much dude. The problem has decreased substantially. …I still receive minor delay (nothing intense though) …any suggestion on what may be the cause? …Also, what do you see as the benefits of addictive drums over ezdrummer? (you seem experienced, and I appreciate your suggestions) :smiley:

You should adjust the latency setting in your soundcard control panel.

In the Tascam I think it’s called Audio Performance, adjusting to the lowest latency setting will reduce the delay to the minimum

It may also be worthwhile checking to see if you have the latest driver and firmware updates for the tascam installed

Thanks guys, it’s working great now!

+1 all of you

Addictive Drums are the most real sounding and their support of electronic drum kits is great. Download the demos for each and judge for yourself.