Help! MIDI notes quantise to beat 1?


I am using Cubase 6.5. When I play MIDI notes they all auto quantise to beat 1?

However, when I restart Cubase the issue is fixed but only remains fixed for about 3 minutes, then it starts auto quantising again. Very frustrating!

I made a video showing the problem Sorry, there’s no sound because my screen capture couldn’t locate the audio source. In the video you will see me play several notes and you’ll notice how they auto quantise to beat 1.

Any help troubleshooting would be appreciated!

Classic problem:

Thank you. Here is my fix:

I needed to activate “Use system timestamp” by going to Devices Setup (rom the “Devices” menu) > MIDI > MIDI Port Setup > check “Use system timestamp”.

Yes. That’s the solution in approx. 99% of the cases … but not always.