Help: MIDI Parts On Separate Tracks "Linked"

I see something similar:

I have two MIDI tracks… from a drum performance. I must’ve copied a part/event from one track to the other… probably manually ‘dissolving’ each drum to separate MIDI tracks.

But now whenever I select a part on one track it also selects the part in the same vertical position on the other track. NOT grouped. They act as one… if I ‘split’… both are split. If I edit, both are edited. Even if I use the Dissolve function, the dissolved parts on new separate tracks are ‘linked’.

Can’t for the LIFE of me figure out why this is happening.

Is there some -other- ‘link’ function I don’t know about?

Any ideas or is this a bug?



Maybe this is related:

Don’t think it’s related. The two parts seem truly ‘linked’. Copying one copies the other. Gluing one, glues the other, etc. Something of a buzz kill.

Maybe not related directly, but…

If the issue as noted by myself is rectified, then other issues such as what you have discovered may be fixed as well.

Maybe completely unrelated, but try this: