[Help!] Midi Transformer to alter pitch bend range?

My hardware controller only permits setting pitch bend range in semitone intervals, with the lowest possible setting 1 semitone.

I am using a microtonal tuning with 1/4 tone intervals, i.e., 50 cent.

I would like to know how to program the Midi Transformer plugin so that for each 2 cents (or the equivalent percentage of the pitch bend value range) it receives, it passes 1 cent on to the synth.

What I am trying to do is use the full physical range of the pitch bend wheel to raise or lower by half a semitone, or 50 cents.

Can this be done?

If so, could someone please point me the way?



You might try looking at the functions of the logical editor in the manual, since:

I know … I might have to do all the grunt work.

I was hoping to at least know whether this was possible before I started digging … and maybe a hint or two.

I’m not too good at keeping all that Boolean and programming stuff in my head … though I have managed to use transformer to do things like setup midi channel input filters.


From what I can see on page 444 of the operation manual:

Pitchbend Value 1:
The “fine-tune” of the bend. Not always used.

TY Shinta …

I’ll get to work!