I hope somebody can help me here, before I go on a machete rampage.

I backed up all of my Cubase files to an external hard drive. As far as I was concerned, I had a Cubase folder in documents in Windows 10.

Everything went into there.

I backed this up to move to a new machine.

Yet when I try to launch a track from the new machine, ALL audio is missing. Of course, it is expecting to follow the link to my old docs location. No probs.

So where are these files? I copied all the docs? I checked ‘audio’ in the Cubase folder and there is nothing there. What can I do?

Over a year of work, lost.

Please help. I feel physically sick here.

OK…will try to make a start with this.

Open a project and when the resolve missing files dialogue comes up just close it.
Open the pool window and audio folder inside of it…there is a list of files and to the far right (you may need to expand it), should be the path to the location that those files were originally recorded to.

Now if that folder is within the folder you copied over already you can reopen the project and point to that folder to resolve missing files.
If that folder isn’t part of what you moved over I really hope you still have the other computer or at least kept that hard drive.