HELP: Moving Cubase SX3 QLSO To Another PC Using Cubase 7

Greetings one and all.

Apologies for the vague subject, but it’s intrinsically what I need to do!

I have been using SX3 on an old dual-core laptop perfectly fine for years, but as my projects grew, so did the need for processor speed and more RAM…so, I upgraded to a desktop all-powerful PC and bought Cubase 7 Elements last year.

Now, a lot of my older projects on the laptop use software such as QLSO, which I spent a fair whack on money on ‘back in the day’ and I would dearly like to use QLSO in my new Cubase 7 projects, but here in lays the problem…

The disks I have for QLSO do not work on my new PC (i’m assuming because it’s a 64 bit machine, because it just won’t even acknowledge the disks in my disk drive???), so I have this wonderful piece of orchestral software that I know inside out, but cannot use it on my new PC.

Anyone have any suggestions for getting this to work on my new PC without the cursed installation process?

I have copied the library files and .dll, etc to a portable HD and can copy them over, but of course, there’s no installation process with just copying the library files, although I’m hoping someone can advise me on a workaround to get this 32bit VST working on my new PC.

Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated.

All the best!