Help: MP3/Mixing/File conversions


Just started getting into mixing in a tad more serious level. I noticed my kicks sound good in Cubase but after converting to MP3 at 320k, i noticed that it sounds “sticky” and “boxy”. Is this considered to be OK or is this something i need to take note on my mixing?

If it’s something i need to take note on my mix, is there any free plugin that will allow me to preview how the mix will sound in a certain format before actually converting?

i dont mean to plug my music, but if anyone is curious on this sound im talking about its here:


MP3 at 320, it should be very hard to tell the difference between that and the original!

Make sure your levels are good before conversion, maybe it’s something you are doing in the post mix production.

Thanks for the response Split,

when you say post mix production do you mean my master ch?

I record audio and use VSTi’s for my production then bounce all my VSTi’s into 24/44.1 audio.
Then i proceed to spread Fabfilter’s EQ’s to all of the channels and use variety of dynamic plugins as needed.
For my master ch. i use 3 of Fabfilter’s plugins EQ, Compressor and Limiter. Limiter is set to K12, 24bit dither and ISP is activated.

That’s pretty much all there is.

which part will be the post mix production?

The way you’re doing it then you have no post mix production as you are doing it all at mixdown!

But I suppose the quasi mastering chain you have running on the master bus would be what I’d call “post mix”

Basically the MP3 should sound pretty much the same as the final mix.

Are you exporting the mix direct as an MP3, what does it sound like if you export to a wave file instead?

Hey Split,

thanks for the response, i’ve went away for a few.
i exported the file to .wav but still hear the boxy sound on my kick :frowning:

Well at least you know it’s not the MP3 conversion!