Help – multiple instruments on one line

Dear Dorico users!

I need a little help – I’m too stupid.

I need a one line instrument: bass drum + cymbals for one player. There I want to set notes ON (stem up), ABOVE (stem up) and BELOW (stem down) the single line. If I use the bass drum instrument, there is no possibility to set notes above or below the line. I can’t find any other instrument, which fullfills this needs. Do you know a solution?
Thanks in advance!

Here is a good instruction to edit drumset etc. (see the first 15 minutes of the video):
“Jazz Drums, Percussion Labelling and Controlling Master Frames | Discover Dorico with John Barron”

See also newest Dorico 3 operation manual (EN) on page 1166 ff (“Unpitched percussion”).

Amadeus, neither of those actually answer the question of how to put three instruments below, on and above a single line stave.
(To the OP, I’m not sure there’s a good way of doing this)

Thank you all!
I’ll try my best …
Merry Christmas!

Leo, you are right; at the moment, I don’t know, how to get it on a system with just one line.
But in my opinion you can do this by creating a percussion kit and editing the necessary parameters in the kit for the individual instruments. I just couldn’t find the removal of the top and bottom lines.
See attached a demo project with my idea to get this - feel free to play with this file and give me a better / addidtional idea how to get it on really ONE line.
Unbenanntes Projekt (479 KB)

Regardless of your opinion, it’s not possible to put multiple instruments on a single line stave within a percussion kit - certainly not in the way you’re suggesting.

It might be possible to cheat it using Playing Techniques. If you need your three instruments (or any two of them) to ever play simultaneously, this proposed method is a non-starter.
You could try doing something along these lines:

  1. Add an Empty Percussion Kit.
  2. Add one instrument to it (Bass Drum, for the sake of argument).
  3. From the Single-line Instruments section of the Kit editor, go Edit Percussion Playing Techniques and assign two Playing Techniques (that you won’t use elsewhere) to Above and Below Staff Positions.
  4. Do whatever you need to do to explain to the human player what each staff position means.

For playback, I really don’t have time to go into serious detail today, but very vaguely:

  1. Go Play > Expression Maps. Choose Default in the left panel.
  2. Add the Techniques that you’ve used in the Percussion Kit, then tell them to do whatever’s needed to get them to play cymbal sounds. If you need to actually switch patches, a Program Change or some sort of Channel Change should work. If you switch the general patch for the Bass Drum to a mapped drum kit (from within the VST) then I guess just setting the playing technique to transpose might work.

My suggestion is to set up a kit with the three instruments/sounds surrounding the center line. Then when Dorico does enable non-five-line staves, one can go back and make a single reformat to display what the OP wants.

Did one of the Development Team suggest that such an option was on their radar?