Help: multiple midi tracks sending to one instrument

Does anybody know how to have multiple midi tracks all sending to a single instrument?


i am not sure that I understand your question correctly. What instrument do you mean? One of the Cubasis instruments (Micro Sonic or Micrologue), an Audiobus instrument, or an external MIDI instrument?

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A cubasis instrument. I’d like to be able to have a single ‘instance’ of any instrument and have multiple midi tracks for that instrument. So I can have one track for hats, another for kick etc. I know I can do that now but it means setting up a new instance of the drum kit with effects etc etc…not to mention the drain on the ipads limited resources!

Did you look at setting MIDI out on the midi output tracks to Network session and port 1 or something, then set the midi-in for the instrument track to the same network session and same port?

EDIT: And when i say “port” above i do mean channel, bit damaged from my current project @ work

Thanks David this would work if I didn’t also have other instruments using the network session.

well if you don’t have more than 16 you can assign each one a separate channel no?

very true…I’ll test this out. Of course, it would be nice to have this within cubase [feature request] :wink: