Help!! My Cubase Le 8 won't activate!

Hi all,

I recently bought the Scarlett Focusrite Studio package which comes with the option to install cubase le 8. I’ve downloaded and installed everything including eLicenser version When I type my activation code in eLC, it shows the product (Cubase Le 8) underneath, which I suppose means my code is ok. But when I proceed to ‘Download License’ it starts loading and then fails. The error message is "A connection to the license server could not be established, either due to incorrect network settings or because the license server is currently not available (e.g. due to maintenance work). Please verify your computer’s network settings and try again later, or contact your software vendor’s support department in case the problem persists’. My network is working fine and I’ve been trying for 2 days now. Please help.

Thank you.

My computer is a 64bit, OS is Windows 10.


Make sure, the eLCC server is not blocked by antivirus, Firewall or other service (even on the side of your internet provider), please.


The problem was that my eLCC wasn’t connecting to the network. So I did some more research and found out it could be a problem with a particular network setting on my computer or browser. I checked and it turns out one of my earlier internet providers had prompted me to use a manual proxy server. Since I switched internet providers and my browsing wasn’t affected I didn’t take note of this.

Turned off the manual proxy server and my eLCC now works fine. Hope this is helpful to someone else. Thanks.

Thanks Martin. It was a problem with the network setting on my computer. I had ‘Use a proxy server’ set to ON with some manual proxy server settings, all from a previous internet provider. Turned it off and everything now works fine.