HELP! My Cubase project is suddenly all out of alignment :(

I’m freaking out here. I’ve been working on editing some audio in a project and went back to listen to the edits in the song but all the tracks MIDI and audio are out of alignment suddently!

I have no idea how it happened - it was fine an hour ago but now it’s all playing out of time.

I am using Cubase 7.5 and I think I’m still in musical mode. Not sure what to do except realign all of the 35 tracks individually :frowning:

Any of you guys have an idea what I could have done wrong?

Thanks in advance,


Tempo track turned on (or off) perhaps?
It’s hard to say with this limited information. Can you see any patterns? Like have the events/parts all moved in the same direction? Moved by equal distance?

Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry I should have uploaded a screenshot and more info.

I THINK I’ve fixed it now. Basically all MIDI and audio parts were off grid by a 16th.

I solved it by moving the Folder tracks back to position 1 on the grid… For some reason they had all moved slightly off grid and appear to have also moved all the parts contained in that folder…

I probably knocked something with my mouse - I really shouldn’t stay up so late working on music - lack of sleep is probably to blame :slight_smile: