Help! My Elicenser is suddenly empty and I can't load Nuendo

I’ve sent an email to steinberg support and will call them when they’re open tomorrow, but europe support is currently closed and US support flat out refused to even try to help me (yeah thanks guys) so thought I’d post here in case anyone can suggest something that might help me tonight.

Haven’t used Nuendo for a little while (most of my work recently is with a company that uses Reaper) and when I tried to open it, it just got stuck on Initializing. Got latest version (I was a version behind), got latest elicenser and … Elicenser control centre shows me nothing. It’s empty.

Run all maintanence tasks, check MySteinberg, all is good there, no errors. But Elicense control centre is still blank.

I had some issues with somehow having multiple steinberg accounts a few months ago (for some reason I have an account with Cubase 6 on it floating around, perhaps from an old job), and never finished sorting them out, but looking at my previous conversation with support about that, that should have nothing to do with MySteinberg account stuff, just the forum.

Anything else I can try? Got a deadline before European support opens tomorrow!

EDIT. Oof gasp a reboot fixed it, everything showing up in elicenser now. Should have tried that first. Lets get that dongle free licensing asap please.

EDIT 2: WAIT A MINUTE Nuendo wouldn’t load, and now they’ve disappeared again. Something VERY wrong is going on here.

EDIT 3: An error popped up momentarily in elicenser, then vanished with the application before I could copy it. Something about “an unknown interapplication error has occurred”.

EDIT 4: Moving the dongle to another slot means I can open Nuendo now, hooray! However, elicenser control centre is kind of freaking out in the background, constantly ‘checking for elicenser’ for a second, coming back with my list, going again, flickering back on and off.
Dying dongle?

I am getting similar errors with the ARA system. About 3-4 times a week I get an issue opening Nuendo. Different USB slots, cleaning, et.c do not make this go away.