help my grid has shifted! I.e. is all f*cked up!

I don’t understand why or how but all of a sudden my grid got messed up and the line to snap to is at the halfway point between each measure instead of at the beginning, quarter, etc

in other words the snap line is on the off beat instead of the down beat and i dont know how to put it back to where it was! please help I have a deadline and really need to fix this!

mind you this issue is only in the MIDI key editor.

Please help me somebody??

Never heard of anything like that. Perhaps a screen grab would be useful for folks to see what it looks like.

Check to see if you have some sort of weird Quantize Preset active. In the Project Window if you select a MIDI Part does it show a non-zero offset in the Info Line? Try trashing your preferences in case they were corrupted. Or…?

ok will take a screenshot as soon as I can and get it over to my laptop. (I use a desktop with no internet.)

You were right. The quantize was set to one of my synths. Strange.

Since I have your attention, if I make a project template with all my routing and channel settings, how can I disable to apparent tracks that are "supposed"to go with it. i.e. “resolve missing files”

I don’t quite understand the question. Can you be a bit more detailed?