Hi guys n gals

I have been producing using various software including Cubase for 10 years so I am not a complete novice, nor would I profess to be a super genius. But I am having some serious problemms getting my mackie control universal pro firmware 4.0.2 to work with cubase le6.

It is definitely not a hardware issue as it works absolutely perfectly with reason, In cubase I selected;
I have selected USB audio device and MIDI but neither work. My MCU still has the start up screen
“MCU PRO V4.0.2 by LOUD Technologies, Inc.”

I swear I will buy a pint for anyone who can help me with this. feel free to email me joemarknorton-at-gmail dot com

Thank you

Anon: Just guessing — But watch this Cubase 7 video starting at 5:02 :wink:

The video is for Cubase 7 but may work for Cubase Le6
Maybe select Device>Device Setup> Generic Remote – and then Generic remote again from the list .

Jack :smiley: :smiley:

thank you for all your help but it is not working with cubase le6.

When I use it with reason it comes to live all the buttons light up and everything is great. But when I try the same with cubase following the help guide to the letter it doesn’t work.

Is this because I am on XP?

sould I use the usb or midi?

If someone can get this working I swear I wuill buy them a drink, I already spend $1000 on hardware whats another $20.

Anon: So you checked out the video :question:
Clicked the “Learn” button :question:

Tried emailing Steinberg :question:
go to MYSTEINBERG above
log in
fill out the “Support request form” (lower left)
describe the problem
they’ll get back with ya by email
A “Team viewer” session may do the trick :wink:
it’s helped me a couple of times :slight_smile:

Jack :slight_smile: :slight_smile: