Help!......My Precount is Slower than the Actual Metronome.

I have Cubase 6 and my 2 bar precount is slightly slower than when the actual metronome kicks in to record. It was working fine until now… Can anyone Help me???

Check out the tempo track.

You may find that you have a tempo change event very close to the start of the point you want to record. There is an option for the metronome to pick up the tempo at the record (punch-in) point irrespective of the tempo before it. Check out the transport chapter of the manual - I think it’s explained there.


Thanks for the reply but none of it seems to be relevant to me. I tried it on some of my old projects that were working fine before and now seem to also have the slower precount. Even on new empty projects its doing it…I’m not sure what happened.

Ok so I just restarted my computer and the precount is back to normal…I don"t know… It must have been some type of weird bug or something.