Help! My steinberg Key has bit the dust, client tuesday!

Hey y’all

Anyone tell me pleaseeeee what to do if your steinberg key dies? I have 3 for VSL VEpro but only one is my main one (that is coming back after days of trying everything as BROKEN). I am a pro producer in Atlanta and JUST finally coming back after covid. My first big paying client is TUESday, and my USB Key is giving me nothing. So this is my biggest emergency since before covid. Is there any way to get help to resolve this quickly? I have my CU 11 pro and VSL VI and my Altiverb, dont think much else on there, but i could be wrong. Why cant we just be using virtual these days? a $50 USB stick doesnt make sense anymore :frowning:

Anyway, if anyone can help me out with what I could do to resolve this before tuesday morning, I would be infinitely appreciative. Its edits and overdubs so I cant do it in pro tools, DP or Ableton (the other 3 i own)

ANY help or thoughts is HUGELY appreciated!


can you do what you need to do in elements ? if so just download a trial version. Also sweetwater or similar has overnight shipping options I think if you need a new dongle.

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you should be able to get temp licences on one of your existing dongles - they may even have ‘all product’ 24 hour licences on the already ?

Also Alitverb is iLok not elicencer

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Yea i figured out my altiverb is safe. But i know there are other things on there, my vienna instruments and other stuff. No idea honestly whats on there or who will be nice enough to reauthorize me. Is it pretty easy?

They have guarantee 2 day. I bought one with that option. $30 for the usb stick and $32 shipping lol. Might be in time. I have other ones but they are used on satellite sample pc’s. So as long as i can actually recover all the (unknown all) licenses ill be fine :slight_smile: thank you!

anything steinberg related should be in your MySteinberg account - but yes, it doesn’t list your non-steinberg licences…which is pretty poor I agree.

Did you read that link I sent - tells you how to request replacements

And I’m guessing with the non-steinberg stuff you will have to contact VSL

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Guitar Center sells them and usually have them in stock, if you have a local store.

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The procedure for the VSL licenses is to send them the dongle, to their LA branch; meanwhile their support can provide an ‘all starts’ license, forget how long that’s for but it’ll tide you over until the verdict on your dead key comes down. Steinberg has a Zero Downtime thing and will replace say a Cubase or Nuendo license the one time right away. If the dead key is assessed as your fault (eg., your negligence) you’ll be replacing VSL licenses at 50% of the current price for that license. Probably not going to go that way in your case - death from natural causes - but that’s the bottom line.

Also VSL has an insurance policy for the key now, which resides on a key and works for two years; “Vienna Protection Plan”.

The licenses which are neither VSL nor Steinberg is down to the vendor those licenses pertain to, I have no experience with anything except the VSL and Steinberg licenses.

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Is there any record of what used to be on a dead e-licenser? I know ive registered them all at mysteinberg but only keeps the e-licenser serial it seems. I know cub and vsl are on it, but tho i own 3 of them, the ithers are only viena ve pro and free epic orch on them. This was my main one. So im pretty sure there was more but meh i forget. Ive had these 3 since Gigastudio and gigapulse pro days when it was wav file wild west! Lol. Thanks for all the thoughts!

Also 2 other issues i found, dont know if its a cubase thing or a uad thing; and ill post there too. But as mentioned i have a complex hybrid multi room tracking/ film composition setup that leans towards mission critical on the tracking side. This weekend I lost ability to use all 5 pieces (which have worked for 4 years w cubase), and also all my internal route port names are fakachta

Im using a 2013 12-core mac pro ashtray, 64g, d700. And it has 6 tbolt jacks. Im going to assume its 3 ports on 2 channels, left and right(?? I really need to research this). Running latest Catalina after finally leaving high sierra last month. Its trying hard to offer me big sur, but i dont want to lose clients bc my whole house of cards comes tunbling down, so ill wait. Catalina it is.

So the hardware: right side 3 i use for screens as mini dp, then left top one is my uad chain that goes to the uad 16 to 8p to oct sat to oct sat to twin (all tbolt 2 versions); and the bottom left to a tbolt Aktiko SATA drive chassis w 4 drives.

Recently (last 5 days, possibly coinciding with a 16 firmware update thurs morning) i can not use all 5 pieces. In this config, the twin has become unresponsive and not available on the uad console meter. Whether disconnecting or not the twin all other 4 units work fine. If i disconnect the satellites (since they are useless for recording unless recording to a mix w lot of plugs i guess) and reconnect the twin, it shows up perfectly. So maybe something changed bc it has worked like a trooper for years

2nd issue, trying to switch and route to virtual channels for overdubs has left me with dead channels! I was freaking bc i did dubs last week and my guy later today is coming for dubs and editing…finally after examining everythung, deleting prefs, etc, i found its my naming schema that is off now! Like currently uad16 virt 1/2 is out 33/34; which is named “8p out 1/2” right now. So i have to rebuild my io matrix from scratch and many (fully used) io so this is a drag. Happened same time. Im gonna guess it has to do with newish features in console to allow you to allocate cores for changing virtual channels vs having more cores for plugs and cubase isnt sync’ing to it. So i guess i need to keep those pups stable and never change the config. Anyway. I got solutions on these but just sharing as these are both critical things that would end any session. And i guess ill also need to manually add or subtract uad hardware for tracking vs mixing, tho thatbis highly annoying to keep tabs on and will slow stuff down. Hope these things get attention!

Anyway im green light for tomorrow using the zero downtime tool (since no vienna this week). Thank you for that ability steinberg!

hi thealps

Can I suggest you start new threads for any other issues you are having. You are more likely to get replies if you do that. People won’t necessarily look this thread any more.