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I’d like to use shortcuts for very these basic navigation tasks, but I am not sure it is implemented as a keycommand in Cubase 6, or at least I did not find among the keycommand list:

jump playbar to the start of the selected part
jump playbar to the end of the selected part
move part start to the position of playbar
move part end to the position of playbar


All there:

find them using the search tool in the key commands dialog:

"play from "




thanks. The move part start to the position of playbar - ok I found here the “Move to cursor” keycommand, but there is no equivalent for the move part end to the position of playbar

“Play from Selection Start / End” keycommands are ok, but I do not want to play… just to get the cursor jumped to the start or end position of the selection. Are there keycommand for these?

This should be a very basic navigational function… is that possible that it it not present in Cubase?


probably would help if you used the terminology cubase itself uses, and have a detailed look through the commands in the list. Sorry if english is your second language and that makes it harder…

with the part in question selected:

“left selection side to cursor”

“right selection side to cursor”

“locate selection”

“locate selection end”


the Locate selection and Locate selection end are exactly I was looking for… jumps cursor to the start and end, I even set it in the past, seems to be forgotten :laughing:

Regarding the “move part start / end to the position of cursor”:
the left / right selection to cursor is different - it requires the Range Tool to work.

The “Move to Cursor” keycommand moves the part start to the position cursor…this one is solved.
Only this one left: one that moves the part END to the cursor position.

Any idea for this?