Help : Need Keyboard Shorcut to change note velocity !


i’m someone with very big hands issues, can’t use anymore a mouse (and almost no more midi keyboard too). i use a graphic tablet as a mouse, using the touch feature. work great, a very big improvement over the mouse since 7 years.
unfortunatly since some times, i must do a hell of a job, i must correct velocities of a crazy number of midi notes for each of my piano solo recording.

it’s time consumming, and doing it with the tablet is very very painful (and it would be worst with a mouse).

i can go from note to note using the left and right key of my keyboard, but didn’t find a way to change the velocity of the note by just pressing 2 buttons like a a + and -. i use a counter design shuttleexpress with a jog which work with keyboard shorcut.

it would be AMAZING and would save a lot of pain if i could change the velocity by just pressing two keys (so i can as well have them controlled by my jog).

is there a possibility for that ? i must do that with each piano recording i’m doing and i’m very very tired, and the pains to do such editing (almost modifying each note) is very painful with the mouse, by using the Control+Shift+ mouse, or using the mouse on the velocity indcator in the info panel. same with the editing of the velocity in the controler part at the bottom, is not great, especially when there are chords or several notes played at the same time !

Thanks for the one who have the solution and can help ! my hands thank you ! :slight_smile:.

The first thing I can think of is to create Logical Editor presets. These can be assigned to keystrokes.

Here are a couple to get you started.

Unzip and put them in the prefs folder: %appdata%\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64\Presets\Logical Edit\

Then, go to File>Key Commands and assign keystrokes to them.

Here’s a link to the manual chapter in English

and French (1.08 KB)

ahah, always the sames to help :slight_smile: thank you steve, i’ll give it a try immediatly ! I apprecite it a lot ! Thanks !

You’re welcome!

I edited the script for +1 ad -1 and put each of them to my jog wheel from counter design/shuttleXpress. it works perfect !
trying now to do the same with one of the FD fader, but no success yet. the other solution to make it working is using i think two faders, one for -1 and one for +1. i’ll try tomorrow,

again thanks for your valuable help, you decreased a crazy amount of hands nerves pains for my future days :slight_smile:.

That’s great. I hate pain too. The faders will be a bit different.

If you can tell me precisely what you want the result to be from the FD I’ll help if I can. With the Shuttle it actually sends key commands, so it’s simple to do stuff. With Bome you would have to use variables and rules.

Actually i try to make the shortcut / shuttle working ok. i maybe did a mistake (don’t know where) but when i turn the jog on the left or right, it’s add a +1 or -1 velocity, but it add each time a copy of the midi note modified.

so each time i use the shortut , for, let’s tell, i want a snare to be 127 instead of 125, i turn the job on the right, the velocity goes from 125 to 127 and i’m now with 3 snare note added on each other. one at 125, one at 126 and one at 127 !
do you have an idea where there is something wrong ? maybe in the logical editor script ?

Can you post a screenshot of the logical editor window?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: 99% of the time i use cubase with sound turned off due to ears issues, so not easy, kind of using photoshop while being blind lol.
here are the screeshots !

ahh i fixed the problem, it was using the fonction “insert” instead of “Transform”. wow 2am, and tomorrow they deliver me the CMC CH ! if i don’t wake up, i’ll miss it ! lol :frowning: … good night and thanks !!

:laughing: :wink: