Help! Need link to 8.0.20 update installer

I just updated to 8.0.30 and am getting constant crashes in an especially large project whenever I solo a track. Needless to say, I need to roll back immediately but cannot find a link to a 8.0.20 installer.

Any help?

Just uninstall the 8.030 update.

Is this possible in mac?

Whoops no. Sorry.

Unfortunately, it seems that previous versions of updates are no longer available once replaced with a newer one.

So I’ve been keeping each one stored away for just such options.

I do have the 8.0.20 one, but it’s for windows.

Shame that you can’t just uninstall 8.0.30 on a Mac.

That seems strange to me.

It is possible in Windows, I do believe, not that helps here.