Help!. Need more names. Duane Eddy and Miles Davis only?

Lionel Hampton…but the instrument alone might give that away

This is great!

You guys are amazing.

This is definitely NOT your 1st rodeo(s).

Tanx to all.

miles davis, ninaaaaaaaaaa simone, marvin gaye

Hi … I think this is a fantastic discussion topic for your orchestra.

Brian May … many one-note examples of his ‘sweet’ harmonization.

Bonham kick drum … signature.

Flute with pushed harmonic … Ian Anderson.

A Grapelli violin note.

Trower … Thick univibed distortion, plenty of long notes for a guesser to go ‘DOH!’ when the truth is revealed.

On the subject of ‘Doh!’ … there’s that first ‘DOH!’ of Walsh’s Rocky Mountain Way.

First CHUG of Sunshine of your Love … Clapton-Cream.

Though my last two examples stray into the world of ‘signature bits of a song’ rather than general signature tone of musician.


foxy lady intro note
still raining still dreaming intro note
alan holdsworth when he does that bend thing with is trem arm
windows… when you do something wrong and that note sounds and makes you jump out of your skin.always shits me up.

Jeff Beck

Pat Metheny

Sooooooo kool that a horn player would post that.

Luv this board!

sweet home alabama opening note ,you just know what it is even before the second note strikes, although i must say a ten year rest from that song wouldn`t be a bad idea. :smiley:

First note of Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf :sunglasses:

John Cage

Some of the Byrds songs, what with the jangly 12-string

Hehe! I don’t just listen to sax players, I appreciate great musicianship.

I loooooove Pat Metheny! Incredible player and composer with a very unique sound. :sunglasses:

michael jackson - beat it

But i guess it will we a bit easy maybe. :slight_smile:

Heard him in Konserthuset, Gothenburg a few weeks ago. He’s creative enough for 3 lifetimes and really a one of a kind musician more than just another jazz guitarist. One of those concerts you leave with a blank “huh?” stare but also a smile on your face!

If you like Metheny than you’ll enjoy Allan Holdsworth! :wink:

Ok, you forced me…Frankie Valli, Robert Fripp of King Crimson and a personal favorite Lee Michaels. I know they are on opposite ends

Keep ‘um comin’ guys.

This is great!

And as a young soloist I mainly (because Wes Montgomery told me to) listened to horn players.

Wes who? Only kidding! Here’s one for ya, my grandfather and his brother played with Rudy Vallee and his Connecticut Yankees in the 1930’s. Guys like Wes Montgomery, Tony Motolla, Joe Cinderella, Bucky Pizzarelli were household names, but all guitar players… :wink:

By the way: not that they are 1 note recognizable , does anyone remember a band in the later 1960’s called…Love Sculpture? The album cover I have is actually a half circle on top