(HELP)Need support for reactivate Cubase Element 11

Hello I live in Japan and i bought cubase element 11 license redemption card and downloaded the software from the site.
after that my PC accidentally got errors with hard disk and i went to repair shop, i got my files resetted and all files are gone.
in recent few weeks i downloaded again cubase and all vsts from download assistant i thought i could re enter the old keys.
i tried to get the reactivation code following internet steps but in my profile dont have any products registered and no soft elincer to reactivate.

please can i get my activation code? i still have my download access code,im hopeless!

If you don’t have any “registered” products showing in your MySteinberg account, I’m afraid your only course of action is filing an official support ticket. The forums here are mainly users helping other users, not official support.

Did you really not register your old Soft-eLicenser? There is nothing showing in your MySteinberg account?

If you still have your already used activation code you can try to register the software now and then reactivate.

how to contact the official support?
is it possible to contact via email or chat?

tried it but i dont have any product showing except elicenser

The standard method is through your MySteinberg account. Depending on your location, you might have other options …

Contact support – Steinberg Support