HELP!! Need to download the Original Cubase LE4

Hello everyone,
I got the Cubase software approx 4 years ago when i purchased my Lexicon Omega,
Long long long story short,

I already have a licensed, registered, working Version on my PC
but i also want to download Cubase LE4 on my laptop!
I looked EVERYWHERE to find a link to download Cubase LE4, and i cannot find ONE SINGLE
link or ANYTHING that lets me download it! even on the Lexicon website its not available!

All i could find where tons of updates for it, but never the actual Software ( with no updates)

Can someone please help me in finding this elsusive softwere so i can start recording on my laptop now?

PLease please! let me know!
i havent been able to use it for 4 years, and i finally can ( due to my own ignorance)
it would be awesome if someone can tell me!

Thank you

Disregard Previous post,
I found out there is NO way it can be downloaded,
Lexicon support will ship out replacement disks,

NOOOOOO, my cd no longer work, useless external cd