Help needed. Compatibility issues of UR22C

Dear friends
I am a new member to Steinberg forums and pondering on purchasing the UR22c. All the connectivity is absolutely ideal for my needs. However require an info and will be grateful if provided.
I had been using a MOTU 624 with my laptop running windows 10 64 bit on an Intel core i5 flawlessly However due to recent issues with the laptop had to send it for a repair.
I have a pretty old but powerful desktop running AMD phenom II X6 (2012) on ASus M4N98TD Evo running Windows 10 64 bit which I used for video editing and gaming. I tried to connect the MOTu to the desktop in the interim and it always gives me a BSOD. MOTU drivers are not compatible with older AMD processors .
I usually run VST s and Synth and some samplers which the AMD is able to handle flawless. Also Spitfire labs with a Midi controller .Using the ASUS Xonar DG sound card and ASIO drivers it is workable but as you all know, gaming sound cards are hardly meant to record and multitrack . I was thinking of purchasing the UR22c for working in the interim on my desktop as my MoTU has been rendered useless and the Desktop still runs my DAW, samplers and VST s effortlessly
Could anyone please let me know wether the UR22c is compatible with AMD phenom processors of those days. I don’t want to upgrade my desktop just yet and I need to work on my present hardware
Any inputs would be highly appreciated. I am trying to arrange a demo model to check compatibility with my PC but apparently no demo pieces are available with the dealer
For your guidance I would be forever grateful!!

Issue solved !! Fully compatible… Got it yesterday …decided to take a leap of faith and Bingo!! Works flawlessly!!