Help needed: Cubase crashes in play along (realtime) project

Hello fellow musicians,

I have a little problem and maybe you can help me out.
First some useful information:

My system:

  • Intel core i5 4670K (haswell)
  • 16 gb Ram
  • all SSD drives (Sata 600)
  • Graphics: MSI geforce GTX 950 2gb

Interface: Steinberg UR-RT2
DAW: Cubase Pro 10.5

The system is up to date (latest drivers) and configured for audio / DAW, which means no intel speedstep, no background services and so on. It runs smooth and fine. No problems here.

Cubase setup
I hooked up my e-drumkit (Roland TDK-1DMK) via Midi.
I use BFD3 as vst instrument
Load a keymap and kit and it all works fine
I created a track with 12 mp3 songs to play along with

I have fiddled with the buffer size and set it to 512 (no latency issues)
If I go higher, latency issues occur. If I go lower, the problem starts earlier (not all the time though)

The problem:
When I play along for an hour or so, then suddenly the application (not the system) crashes, sometimes with humming sound, sometimes not. When I restart Cubase, it runs fine again, sometimes for a while, sometimes just minutes.

Because it is realtime i thought the cpu can’t handle it, but the cpu meter shows just like 30% usage (all the time).
BFD3 is a heavy VST instrument. So maybe it all adds up and causes the problem.

Do you have any idea’s or thoughts what causes this problem?
I appreciate you input very much!!

Kind regards,
Frank Musch

Note: No problems when in mixmode, system runs fine.

Hi nad welcome,

Could you attach the *.dmp file, please?

Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Hello Martin,

I did not find dump files in Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps
I did find recent .dmp files in /user/app data/local/crash dumps (see screenshot)
But these files are too large for upload…


Could you share the files via Dropbox or similar service, please?


Which is a good speaker to use to connect with td1dmk drums? I have a speaker but the drums sound terrible unlike the headphones which are great.