HELP NEEDED - Export Audio Mix


I have a project that has 6 vocal tracks. I used melodyne on them and Im using an FX track which each vocal track is routed to. In the FX track Im routing that to the stereo out. If I playback I can clearly hear that everything is correct…but when I do the Audio Export nothing but silence.

If I do the realtime export, the faders show activity as I would expect, but no sound is being output.

I did mess around with the control room but had no idea what I was doing…I suspect this might be where the problem lies.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!


Cubase 10.5 Pro : Mac Catalina : Focusrite Solo

They have a manual especially for those cases… :unamused:
Additionally the topic „no sound on realtime export“ has been handled on the forums here several time already.
Correct output port selected in the mixdown window?
Amy tracks record or monitor enabled before mixdown?

Yeah I looked in the manual. I also did a fair amount of googling but none of those solved the issue.

I selected Stereo Out as the output track.

I disabled control room

no tracks are set to record enabled or monitor

I will search the forums.

Audio tracks will export silence if they are monitoring input. Do you have the tracks selected when you export? If so, try deselecting them.