Help needed for Bizarre note spacing

Here is my dilemma:

I am working on a video that has some music at the top of the screen. The presenter is discussing a particular rhythm, and wants the rhythm to transform into another version to help teach and prove a point. I was going to do this with a dissolve - dissolve from one graphic into the next to make it look seamless.

Here is the problem:

When I change the rhythm, the note spacing moves bar lines, etc. There is plenty of room in the staff to not move the bar line, unaffected notes, etc… How do I stop the bar lines and other notes from moving so when the dissolve occurs, you only see the 1 measure where the rhythm changes? Does anybody have some ideas for how this can be done?


OK, I was in a bind and did it a semi time consuming way… a graphics program. I used Affinity Designer to manually respace the notes in an SVG file with the original file underneath it in a lighter opacity.


My first thought was to make the two versions separate staves of a single system (widely spaced, if necessary). That way, when you isolated the graphics, they should have the same spacing.