Help Needed for First Time User

Hi I have my first ever Cubase software Cubase 11 Artist. And I am just beginning my journey into home recording. I have searched my manual and countless YouTube videos, plus whatever I could find on line BUT I am unable to locate my guitar amp rack. I have downloaded and installed the Cubase package and searched - Studio - VST Plugins, which takes me to a window which shows VST Effects and Amp Simulator is right on top of the list when I click on the amp simulator it shows a long list when I select something from the list I get nothing. Have I missed something in the download?
I have tried to help myself first but have exhausted my very limited knowledge, and now need help


I’m not sure, I understand your request correctly…

Add an Audio Tracks, open Insert tab in the Inspector. Click the 1st Insert slot. Select your plug-in of choice (Amp Simulator) from the list.

Thank you that was exactly what I was looking for :smiley: :smiley: