help needed for midi channel routing through cubase

greetings forum !

i am running cubase 8.0.40 on a windows 10 pc. for some reason, i can’t get multiple midi channels to be passed through cubase.

  • i have set up a project with a number of vst instrument tracks.
  • each vsti track hosts a kontakt sample player.
  • in each kontakt player, i have a number of virtual instruments (actually different articulations of the same instrument, but they’re listed as separate instruments in kontakt).
  • i’ve set up each articulation/instrument in kontakt to play on its own channel (i.e., sample 1 plays on channel 1, sample 2 plays on channel 2, etc).
  • i play the vst instrument using a [real life, not virtual] keyboard as a midi controller.

my problem is that cubase always transmits incoming midi to the vst instrument on channel 1, regardless of the channel i’ve set my midi controller to. i’m playing on different channels, but cubase always re-routes the notes into one single channel, channel 1. the result is that kontakt always plays only the first instrument in its rack, regardless of what channel i’m transmitting on.

  • using the windows midi monitor, i’ve verified that the controller really is sending notes on different channels.
  • running kontakt in stand-alone mode shows me that my setups are working correctly, as each instrument sounds on its appropriate channel.
  • i tried setting “MIDI Channel follows track selection” to both on and off, but it doesn’t seem to matter what i set this to.
  • otoh, setting my preference to have the appropriate track follow the selected/auditioned track does seem to work correctly. when i turn on the ‘monitor’ button for a given track, all of my notes to go that track correctly. the problem is that although the notes all go to the right track, they’re on the wrong channel.

does anyone know how i should be configuring this to make it work as i want ?


If you set the midi channel to “Any” in the track inspector it will behave the way you expect it to. But this was added at some point, so if you don’t see “Any” in the midi channel drop down you’ll have to update to 8.5.

yes, that solved it ! thanks much !