Help needed for recently purchased UR22 interface

Hi everyone.

I recently purchased a UR22 unit from a local music shop here in Melbourne Australia, and am somewhat happy with it. I’m a solo artist, and was wanting to upgrade my set-up at home for recording demo’s for a while, and decided to enquire about it so see what would be most suitable for me.

Now, the issue that I’m having with the UR22 is that when I plug in my guitar or microphone to either of the xlr/quarter inch jacks in the front on the unit, It seems to be only recording in mono, and as a result, I’m only hearing my layers coming out of one speaker. I am aware that this is an issue for a lot of people, but I was just wondering…

Is there some sort of single to dual quarter inch cable that I can purchase so that I am able to plug one end into the guitar, and then the other two into the unit using both plugs at the same time? If these cables do exist, would this mean that I would be able to record my guitar in a stereo format? Or will it simply just be mono coming from both channels?

I’m new to all of this stuff, and I have always used a samson c01u usb microphone to do my demo’s.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

If you’ve loaded and Audio Track you’ll need to look over on the left where the volume for that track is and just under the volume control it shows whatever your input is. It most likely says Stereo and whenever it says Stereo it comes out on the output as Mono (only one side). So go to your VST Connections (under DEVICES) and once the page opens click on ADD INPUTS and make sure however many INPUTS you add that they are MONO and that you tell it which input you will be using on your Interface. Then check your OUTPUT and it should say STEREO then click OK. THEN YOU SHOULD BE SET!