Help needed! How to communicate with the MCU protocol

Hello developers,

i would like to create a component, that is chooseable with the “Studio Setup Settings” inside Cubase. In particular, i want to create component for a Mackie C4 extension. To get a C4 hardware working, it needs to be able to communicate with the MCU protocol and establish a sysex handshake.

Currently i can only use the MCU component from the “Studio Setup Settings”, which obviously can not work to full degree, because that is for a MCU hardware and the C4 is then mapped differently. However it works partially and only the display is missing.

I got the “Standalone mode” of a C4 fully working, with the help of the Commander Software and a virtual midi-cable. Only bi-directional operation is not possible, but that is because the Commander Software, does not have a Midi-In, only a Midi-Out connection to the Cubase-DAW. The “Standalone mode” also can not communicate with the MCU protocol, so i am left with what the Commander Software offers.

I am no real developer, but i would like to try that for myself. Will i be able to do this with a SDK? Or what do i need for that?

Thx in advance, u-man